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Huzheng machinery · service scope

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Choose our four advantages
For you to consider all aspects and solve your worries
  • Professional team
  • Professional execution
  • Cost risk
  • Perfect service
Service team

Years of focus;

The construction team with many years of construction engineering experience shall determine the scheme for construction according to the professional instructions.

01 -
Professional execution
One to one service

Our company provides one-to-one service and tailor-made solutions for each enterprise.

02 -
Low cost handling scheme
For your comprehensive consideration

According to the configuration and in combination with the enterprise's own situation, customize the low-cost handling scheme.

03 -
7 * 24 hours
consulting service

Provide perfect trusteeship service, escort enterprise network security, and reassure customers with perfect quality management system;

04 -
About huzheng machinery
Professional manufacturer of NC oblique lathe

Jiangsu Huzheng Machinery Technology Co. Ltd. is located in Xueyan town of Changzhou with convenient traffic andscenic Taihu Lake. lt is an integrated manufacturer focusing on scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales andservice.

The company now has a building area of more than 10,000 square meters, strong strenuous, sophisticated processingequipment, with CNC machining center,surface grinder,grinder, horizontal machining center and other equipment  from the  casting processing to production assembly and even the whole machine sales and after-sales service, the company implementsthe whole process monitoring,strictly controls quality. The company produces machine tool equipment has won praise foradvanced design, reliable performance, high precision, cost-effective and perfect after-sales service.


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